7 Things That Can Go Wrong With The Wrong Real Estate Agent

You’re about to make a big decision to buy or sell your home. For many, it is likely the biggest investment you’ll make in your lifetime and the wrong decision can impact you financially and personally for years. You need to ensure you have the right broker on your team to guide you smoothly through the process and avoid some of the frustrations listed below that can arise in working with the wrong broker.

Bad Advice

A professional real estate broker (or any service professional) should serve as your trusted advisor that acts as your sounding board as well as your guide as you navigate through the many decisions you will encounter when buying or selling a property. A good real estate broker will take the time to listen and understand your needs as a client and will work with you to accomplish your goals.

Unfortunately, there are many brokers that provide advice not based on any experience or research or provide advice that is self-serving. This causes unnecessary stress and confusion and, at best, may impede your goals or, at worst, cost you financially.

Failed Negotiations

Many consider themselves good at negotiating, but few are in reality. Negotiating in real estate is important. It can mean the difference between receiving a closing cost credit for a necessary repair or a compromise on a mutually beneficial closing date. An unprofessional broker will negotiate in one of two ways: (i) in their own best interest or (ii) too aggressively such that the deal falls apart. You need someone on your team who is working for your interests in a competent and effective manner.

Lack of Responsiveness

For many, the purchase or sale of their home is one of the biggest transactions (if not the biggest) they will undertake in their lifetime. Unresponsiveness in a complex transaction such as this can create unnecessary stress and cost you more money.

A great real estate broker will make themselves readily available to you when you need them. If your emails, texts, and phone calls are going unanswered, it is time to find a new broker.

Missed Opportunities

Real estate is a fast-paced business. Even when there is high demand, there are still opportunities out there. A good agent will help you identify these and take advantage of them quickly. The wrong broker will miss good opportunities because they do not recognize them or they will move too slowly.

Legal Pitfalls

Although it is likely that a real estate transaction will be a lengthy process, there is no rule that says it has to be unpleasant. Many individuals find that legal questions arise on a frequent basis and a good broker will have the knowledge and resourcefulness to guide you through them or help you hire the right person if the solution is more complex.

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, it is usually a positive event in your life. It may be an upgrade from your current home, a downsize to save money, or just a general lifestyle change. Working with a great broker can help make this lengthy process an enjoyable experience.

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